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Engage and impress your audience with health, wellness and beauty content. Perfect for any brand or product requiring regular marketing tools and content, our good-to-go white-labelled monthly e-Magazine is filled with fresh content for you to rebrand, distribute, print out or lift -off as your very own.


Girl Communications creates monthly content written by seasoned journalists who have worked with such publications as Women's Health, Prevention, WellBeing, Body & Soul, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Daily Telegraph and New Idea. 

We create a good-to-go, white-labelled e-Magazine filled with fresh content for your to re-brand, distribute or print out as your own.

Our eMagazine is populated each month with brand new health, wellness and beauty content including articles, recipes and interviews created by well-known and respected journalists, bloggers, celebrities and health professionals. We also throw in such goodies as giveaways, product offers and offer a tailored content option.

We create topical, motivational and informative content that’s not only relevant, but engaging to help encourage and promote natural healing and a healthy lifestyle.


All we need is a PNG file of your logo and we will send you a copy of your very own monthly e-magazine!


Your own branded e-Mag includes:


1 'hero' celebrity interview + image


4 newsworthy articles

2 'expert' or category driven interviews 

1 product giveaway

All images provided.


Branded YOU! Monthly Magazine

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