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Although PR is a powerful and cost-effective tool in comparison to advertising, the fact is for many small businesses and emerging SME’s, hiring a professional agency is well beyond their much-needed budget where every cent counts.


That’s where our DIY PR services come in.


Whether you’re in need of a launch, a business boost, have to reinvent yourself or pivot fast with an existing brand or business focus, Girl Communications Agency can create a bespoke media strategy for you to easily execute. 

Our DIY PR is as easy as 1, 2, 3!







1.    An initial consultation with us will help to define your brand, the required elements of the campaign, your immediate and long-term needs and goals, and earmark methods and platforms of communication.

2.  We create your bespoke DIY strategy.

3.  We deliver the strategy along with an easy step-by-step training guide, an initial media release, and a media contact list for you to start confidently rolling out your own PR and marketing.


PR & Marketing Strategy

A clear direction is always the first step in any successful PR and marketing campaign. We simply and straighforwardly help you know where to begin and what to focus on to help you get where you need to go.

Social Media Strategy

For most brands, products, and businesses, stand-out social media inclusion is now an imperative factor

for success. We help you understand how to weave the magical formula of impactful messages and engagement into your PR strategy.

Content Strategy

Content is most definitely queen in creating a brand presence, a call-to-action, ongoing engagement, and loyalty - not to mention key in SEO. Lucky Girl Communications DIY option can direct you where to go!

Digital Strategy

A digital element is essential to any PR and marketing strategy. We're talking collabs, influencers, keywords, SEO,

and content hacks that will benefit your online visibility and exposure.

Brand Strategy

Who are you, exactly? Understanding your brand's DNA, strengths and competitors seems basic, yet is commonly glossed over, especially by start-ups. This is the very foundation of a prosperous business. We'll help you get there.

Media Training and Mentoring

Many brand and business owners feel like a fish out of water when it comes to fronting their brand, talking to the media, or being interviewed by presenters or journalists. We can mentor you to become a seasoned pro from the get-go!


Kate Huessler, Founder The Model Masterclass

Girl Communications was a natural choice for me to launch my Model Masterclass. The girls delivered a clear roadmap for launch and for me to be able to continue building my business. Quite simply - the best.

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