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Practice & Experience

With the client’s success and development at the forefront, Girl Communications creates a strategic road-map for each client, passionately explores the business itself, industry competitors and, most importantly, the target demographic and desired clientele of the business.


From this point, Girl Communications is able to strongly identify with the business they are working with – understanding what makes them tick, what drives the business to meet their goals, what their touch-points are and what is the best PR and marketing execution in order to reach them. This allows Girl Communications to create exclusive brand messages that resonate and engage.


Whether you are seeking a short or long-term PR campaign or movement, Girl Communications are here to help. With an experienced and passionate team, quality service, original ideas and valuable contacts, Girl Communications PR agency are sure to position you and your business a step ahead.

What does a PR & marketing agency do?

It’s no secret that the Public Relations industry has changed dramatically over the past decade. So much so that, for many, it begs the question – What does a PR agency actually do?


Put simply, we build brands and help businesses get found by customers. But be aware, not all PR is good PR - it needs a strategic approach or the party can be over before you even begin. For this reason alone, Girl Communications does not take a cookie-cutter or ‘fast food’ approach to their work.


Girl Communications don’t exist to push irrelevant products, produce fake social media presences, engage in shallow conversations or deliver mediocre and spurious results. When it comes to media coverage, Girl Communications understands that dashing and fast-talking PR agencies will only ever provide short-term results with fleeting, momentary solutions at best. Public relations is not a fast fix; it is a long-term, ongoing journey and conversation that requires authentic relationship building and genuine collaboration.


We only work with clients we feel we can get results for, and are passionate about.


Every client is unique in many ways, which is why a good PR agent should be capable of creating both interest and positive awareness of your brand. The benefits of your brand and business should be demonstrated in a way that it is creative, yet consistent within its approach to ensure the absolute best results for you, your team of staff, and of course, your consumers.




With two decades of experience,

our agency has the skills, contacts and gumption to create and deliver tangible results.

Ability to Stay
One Step Ahead

With years of industry firsts on the chalkboard, we are always ahead of the curve so our clients are, too.

& Hands-On

Unlike many PR Agencies, Girl Communications understands your success is our success. We are passionate about helping our clients achieve their business objectives.

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